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Safety & Quality is First & Foremost! 
At Affordable Painting & Remodeling, our goal is to provide you with a high quality,  reliable and professional job at an affordable price! 

The number one reason customers choose Affordable Painting, Remodeling and Roofing, is that  we have the ability to manage the entire project, unlike most other companies. We’re able to  complete all necessary repairs or additional projects, that you request such as; Interior or  Exterior Repairs, Replacing Sheetrock, Water Damage, or Replacing Skylights to Replacing  Interior/Exterior Siding and Trim, Finish Painting Interior or Exterior and Finalizing Chimney  Repointing and Flashing. “We are a complete start-to finish painting and remodeling  company”.

We have an excellent record on start-to-finish time and we pride ourselves on being there every day until the project is totally finished and always within your budget. We have exceptional  references, which are always offered. We have a very strict policy prohibiting; smoking, alcohol,  drugs, profane language or loud music, etc. on the project. We specialize in basic to custom  painting and all levels of remodeling, roofs, doors, windows, decks, water and storm damage  repair. Kitchen and bathroom renovations and a wide range of custom woodworking, in  addition to vinyl or wood siding, insulation, all types of wood and tile floor and granite projects. 

Our exterior process can go a long way toward giving your home a whole new look while also  keeping it well protected. At Affordable Painting & Remodeling, we understand the importance  of taking care of your home and making it look as attractive as possible. So, our technique is a  6-step approach that is also recommended by the manufacturer and building inspectors and  guarantees the best results each and every time we do an exterior painting project. These steps include taking every precaution possible to protect the entire work area and  surrounding areas. These steps include helping customers select the right color, materials, best timeline, and further include the following: 

  1. The Set Up – The first step in the process involves cleaning the dirt and mildew from your  home’s exterior. This step will involve hand washing and/or pressure washing the entire project  using environmentally safe cleaners. 
  2. Preparing the Surface – Preparing the surface area is the very most important step of  professionally painting your project. We pride ourselves in this very important area. After the  dirt and mildew has been removed, we tarp the entire area to catch any debris, then we scrape away any loose paint and sand off glossy or peeling surfaces to a smooth finish and re-secure  any loose nails or boards. We then do a comprehensive review of the house or building for any  damages and advise customer of our findings and recommendations of any repairs necessary.
    With the customer’s approval, we will repair or replace the damaged area(s) with a fixed cost  price. We then caulk any necessary gaps in order to prevent water or air intrusion from  occurring. Then we blow off and wipe down the areas before priming and painting. 
  3. Priming & Caulking – We first prime or spot prime as needed, the complete house or building and any exposed wood. This is a very necessary step before applying the new coat of paint or  stain. After the primer coat is applied, we re-inspect for any undetected issues and finish  caulking all areas. 
  4. Painting – We then apply a coat or coats of paint or stain to all areas of the house or building  to protect and seal your home for many years to come with Benjamin Moore products. We  prefer to use only quality name brand products that are proven winners. 
  5. The Clean Up – Since most exterior painting projects take more than one day to complete, we  make certain to clean up the area hourly and at the end of each work day, as well as, upon  completion of the project. This includes removing all paint chips and any debris and raking and  sweeping the area(s) and packing up and storing our materials and equipment away neatly each  day through the project. 
  6. The Inspection – Once the job is complete, we inspect our work and then invite you to inspect  it as well. This way, we can be certain you are completely satisfied with our work.

“We are a complete start-to finish painting and remodeling company”.

Look for our yellow roadside signs and crew members with their professional company yellow shirts on several projects throughout the area. Plus, take advantage of contractor’s prices on all materials. We Serve: Fairfield, New Haven, Litchfield CT Counties and Putnam and Westchester, NY Counties
For a better price and peace of mind, Call Brian today at (203) 267-1004 and please, in advance of your project to schedule within your scheduling timeline.

Thank you,
Brian Janesky, Owner

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